Best Surfing Schools in Porto, Portugal

Sometimes choosing a surf school can be a hard task, nowadays there are a lot of options in Portugal, from north to south you will be able to find different schools for different tastes. Some of them are more focused on “intermediate-advanced” levels, others are for “all levels” and others just for “surf experiences” although you should be careful with your choice, there are some regulations that the surf schools need to follow.

What is a surf school?

A surf school is an educational institution or facility dedicated to teaching individuals how to surf. These schools are designed to provide structured and comprehensive instruction for surfers of all levels, from absolute beginners to more advanced riders. The primary goal of a surf school is to impart the necessary skills, knowledge, and techniques required for safe and enjoyable surfing experiences.

The 5 Best Surfing Schools in and around Porto

To help you choose the best Certified surf school in Porto we selected 5 options based on the quality of lessons, regulations, quality of waves, and quality of the material.

1. PURA VIDA Surfing School

Pura Vida will guide you to an incredible and remarkable surf session. This school provides transfers from Porto city center directly to the surf spots that suit you better, from Matosinhos to Espinho we always find the best spots and are less crowded considering the conditions on that day.

For beginner courses we will be with you in the water giving you feedback on every wave, for more advanced levels we will do videos and pictures to analyze your performance and correct your technique, boosting your progress.

Pura Vida Surfing School boasts a team of expert and qualified instructors who are not only passionate about surfing but also deeply committed to passing on their knowledge. Their extensive experience ensures that students receive top-notch guidance, making the learning process enjoyable and effective. We also work with small groups, with a good ratio per instructor so you can have a fully learning experience.

we will provide you high-quality surfing equipment as part of its lesson packages. From well-maintained surfboards to comfortable wetsuits, students can rely on the school to offer the tools needed for a positive and enjoyable surfing experience.

The spirit of the school is very inclusive and they will treat you like family, more than just the surf lesson they will take necessary time to make sure you learn surfing. Sunsets are a must at the end of the class.

Easy to book online directly on their website.

2. Surfvivor surf camp

From a local surfer, Miguel. Surfvivor surf camp offer beginner and intermediate surf lessons all year round. So if you have never stood on a surfboard before, their friendly and qualified coaches will help you to surf in no time.

For those surfers who already have some surf knowledge under their belt, they also offer intermediate courses, to progress.

Aside from the surf lessons which take place on the beach, we organize two weekly theory and pop-up practice coaching sessions at their Surf camp in esmoriz

3. Onda pura surf center

Located on the beach of Matosinhos, open all year, includes: Federated School by FPS, accredited monitors, all the material necessary to practice the modality and equipped facilities.

They have all kind of surf lessons and activities for most of the levels.

4. Academia de surf do Norte

Academia de surf do Norte, Managed by Sebastião Furtado is one of the best formation projects of surf in the north. Based in leça da palmeira and focused on progression of their students they have complete programs with Skate, surf and gym preparation.

5. Surf aventura

Surf school based in matosinhos beach, it’s very easy to find and with very good instalations. It’s a school more directed to experience surf and groups because of their good environment and funny vibe. Very competent teachers they will give the right tips on the right moment

Why go surfing in Porto?

surf is fun

Porto boasts a variety of surf spots along its coastline, catering to surfers of all skill levels. From beginner-friendly beaches with mellow waves to more challenging breaks for experienced surfers, there’s a spot for everyone.

The best part of surfing in Porto is that most of the times is possible to find empty beaches with no crowd. The area of espinho is known for their point breaks and for empty and easy line-ups and for sure we will drive you there!

Surfing in Porto allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds – the invigorating experience of riding waves and the urban charm of Porto. After a morning surf, you can explore the city’s historic streets, taste local cuisine, and immerse yourself in Portuguese culture.

How to Choose a Surf School?

Choosing a surf school is all about what you are looking for and about your taste. Theres surf schools more focused on improving your skills, others more focused on giving you a nice experience in the water and others that will show you the complete side of a surfer life, giving you space to talk with them and share tips and life experiences. It’s all about a personal opinion, in our school, our team are 100% focused on your evolution and we give everything of us to help progress although we also love to comunicate and share moments with our students and create a awesome surf community.

Surf School Requirements

Surf school requirements

What requirements are necessary to have a surf school? This is what you need to know if you want to choose a Certificate and trustable Surf school:

  • Portugal federation certification
  • Certified instructors by IPDJ (Instituto Português de Desporto) and portuguese federation
  • Local city council license so they are allowed to use the beach domain.
  • RNAAT subscription
  • Insurance for personal accidents and civil reponsability.

The surf schools to give lessons should include on their material the use of t-shirts that identifies the students and also the instructors, flags to identify the area where is the lesson and a first aid kit next to the flags.

Relax after surf lessons

Relax after surf class

Relaxing after surf lessons makes part of our culture, its important for us to share our experience with you and also learn more about other cultures. Socialize with fellow surfers. Share stories, tips, and experiences. The surf community often thrives on camaraderie, and making connections can add to the enjoyment of the day.

Take a moment to reflect on your surf session. What went well? What could you improve? Acknowledge your achievements and enjoy the progress you’ve made.

Surf is a physically demanding sport, and staying hydrated is essential. Drink plenty of water to rehydrate, and consider having a nutritious snack or meal to replenish energy levels.

Enjoying sunsets as a group is a must do for every end of the day lesson. The colors reflecting off the water create a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

Surf house for an all-in surf holiday

Surf camp Porto, Portugal
Surf Camp Porto

A good option of getting the best of two worlds, city vacation and surf is joinning one of the surf camps close to the city of Porto. It can be flexible as you can choose short vacation just to introduce yourself to surf or long stay to get like a pro.

Going to a surf camp will match perfectly your contact with nature and time to relax in the city. It’s easy to have everything set, you can have a lesson in the morning that includes everything as material and transportation to the beach and come back, and then in the afternoon get lost on the old streets of Porto City and try the gastronomy of the city.

Its also very inclusive and suitable for all ages, from kids to adults, families and big groups the most important thing is getting connected with everyone and have fun! 🙂

The courses are for all levels also, depending on your skills, you can choose what kind of lessons you want, theres space for all tastes: beginners , intermediate or advanced.

The accommodation in surf camps is normally sone in shared rooms although theres a few places like pura vida surf camps where you get your own private lodge with kitchen. You can share it with your friends and very close from the main break in Vila Nova de Gaia – Canide sul beach.

Our coaches are all certified and more than 20 years of experience on surf. They will structure the surf lessons very well so you learn to surf as fast as possible, with lots of fun and and most important in safe environment, Security is our goal number one.

Also perfect for KIDS, FAMILIES, GROUPS

Junior Summer Camp

Many surf schools prioritize safety, providing the necessary equipment and guidance to ensure a secure surfing experience. This focus on safety makes it more accessible for families with children and groups.

Successfully riding a wave gives a sense of accomplishment and boosts confidence, regardless of age. Surfing encourages individuals to set goals and work towards achieving them.

Surfing gets the family outdoors and active. Paddling, balancing on the board, and riding waves engage various muscle groups, promoting fitness and overall well-being.

it’s a inclusive sport and can be adapted to different skill levels. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced surfer, there are waves suitable for everyone.

Surfing can be adapted to different locations and conditions. Families can explore various surf spots, from mellow beach breaks to more challenging reef breaks, providing a diverse surfing experience.

Above all, surfing is about having fun and enjoying the thrill of riding waves. It creates a positive and lighthearted atmosphere, making it an activity that families can genuinely enjoy together.

How many surfing lessons do I need?

Pura vida surfing school

Learning to surf it will depends on how much effort you will put on the sport. As all the sports you need a lot of training , coaching and practice.

Having lessons will help you to improve faster your skills although if you don’t have extra trainings it will be impossible to reach an optimum level of surfing.

In our opinion, to reach a good level of surfing you should at least surf from 3 to 5 times a week.

Can you learn to surf without an instructor?

yes its possible to learn how to surf by practising. Back in the time people used to learn by practicing, experimenting and seeing the other.

Although it can take way more time and sometimes can be disappointing because there are many things to know at the beginning of your surfing life.

Our Instructors will try to give you the necessary tips about the basics and also to be responsible of what you are doing inside the water. In the surfing world, there are many mandatory rules to follow to avoid problems with other surfers.

Can you still learn to surf at 30+?

Learning to surf after the age of 30 is not only possible but can be a rewarding and enjoyable activity. Many adults take up surf later in life and find it to be a fantastic way to stay active, connect with nature, and embrace a new challenge.

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