Surf Camp in Porto, Portugal

Welcome to Pura Vida Surf School. We are a surf camp based in Porto, Portugal. Made by Portuguese locals that will show you the best places to surf around. Come join us at the surf camp, nestled in the stunning coastline of Europe, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the shores in a perfect harmony of waves. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable surfing holiday at our surf destination.

porto surf camp

Surfcamp in Vila Nova de Gaia

Portugal, selected several times for travel awards, in history and gastronomy, is also becoming one of the most famous surfing places in the world.

The camp located at the wonderful city of Porto, in the north of Portugal is only 500m far from the beach. This place is rich in culture and gastronomy and one of the best surfing destinations in Portugal. It is the perfect place to enjoy mornings with surf lessons and learn about Portuguese culture in the afternoon.

Inside the camp you will find a small village, with small cozy lodges that will remind you home.

The people in the surf camp will give their best so you get the most rewarding experience. We are 2 locals, mother and son with a lot of knowledge about the country, city and the surf.

The allure of surfing in Portugal draws enthusiasts from around the world to our surf camp, a prime destination on the Atlantic Ocean’s coast.

Our surf school prides itself of providing an exceptional surfing experience while ensuring comfort, convenience, and top-notch instruction for surfers of all levels.

The surf lessons will be mostly in the morning because the wind conditions are normally better for the practice.

Surfers will be responsible for their material ( boards, leash, and wetsuit). They should keep the material until the end of their stay.

surf camp for adults

Surfing beginner

For adults seeking an exhilarating surfing holiday, this surf camp in Portugal offers the ideal escape.

Immerse yourself in the world of surfing, surrounded by stunning Portuguese beaches known for their beauty and incredible waves. Our experienced surf instructors cater to every individual’s level, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

At the surf camp you will find a peaceful place where you can chill and surf at your private lodge.

It is also a perfect place to work while you do surf holidays.

surfing schools

At our surf school, we offer a big range of activities for all kinds of surfers. The beach we normally surf is in Espinho, known as one of the best destinations to surf in the north of Portugal although we go to other spots as Matosinhos, Canide-Sul (Vila Nova de Gaia beach), Silvalde and Paramos.

It has waves for every type of surfer, from mellow, long, point breaks to hallow barreling waves for the most advanced level. Your Surf lesson will be given in a place where you will be able to develop your surfing skills really fast.

We drive along the coast of Portugal always to find the best spots, some of them are secret, in the middle of nature.

Our certified instructors, equipped with extensive knowledge of the best beaches in Europe, guide beginners through the fundamentals, making their first encounters with waves an adventure to remember.

More than just a surfing experience we will show you the surfer vibe and surfer particular lifestyle.

comfortable transfer

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Group of surfing close to Porto, in Espinho, one of the best places to surf in the north of Portugal

To facilitate your journey, we provide comfortable and hassle-free transfers from the city center or from the surf camp to the beach and return.

You will be transported in one of our comfortable surf vans.

Embrace the serene village vibes while anticipating the thrill of surfing amidst the natural beauty of the coast.

The trip normally takes around 30 minutes by van.

surf camp for beginners

beginner surf class - Best surf in porto

Our surf camp welcomes beginners to dive into the world of surfing in Portugal. With tailored surf classes, beginners gain confidence, learning the basics from seasoned teachers, ensuring a solid foundation for a lifelong surfing passion.

It will be provided material to surf as softboards, warm wetsuits for cold water and all the necessary instructions about safety at the beach, technique and waves.

Portuguese waves sometimes can be hard but with our help during the surf lessons, you will surf faster than you think.

our surf classes for intermediates

Espinho Point Breaks – Intermediate class

Experience the lessons for intermediate surfers seeking to enhance their abilities. Our surf lessons delve deeper into techniques, wave-reading skills, and navigating different conditions. Experience progression and take your surfing to the next level under the guidance of our skilled instructors.

We will do a video-analysis of your waves and correct your technique on the sand with exercises giving important tips for your improvement.

surf lessons for families

Having fun is the most important part

Families can cherish unforgettable moments together with our specialized surf lessons. With a focus on fun, safety, and the joy of surfing, making surfing an activity to be shared and cherished.

In our camp, the ambiance resonates with a vibrant surfing vibe. Beyond the exhilarating surfing sessions, our surf house provides a comfortable retreat. Enjoy the swimming pool, immerse yourself in the Portuguese culture, and relish the camaraderie among fellow surfers.

The Atlantic Ocean’s coastline offers an ideal setting for surf camps, the best of what Portugal has to offer. Surf in the perfect climate weather conditions, soak in the stunning views, and embrace the thrill of surfing amidst nature’s wonders.

At our surf house, we ensure that surfers have access to top-quality surf equipment, allowing them to maximize their experience on the waves. Our focus on safety, combined with our expertise, creates an environment where every surfer can thrive.

In conclusion, our camp stands as a testament to the incredible surfing experiences Portugal has to offer. Whether you’re a beginner seeking fun or an experienced surfer craving new adventures, our camp provides the perfect platform to ride the waves, learn to surf, and create lasting memories.

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Pura vida 🙂

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